Reviro Designs is a full service design-build construction and consulting company that focuses on the use of natural and recycled materials to create unique structures, furniture, landscapes and so much more! Why do we like to use natural and recycled materials? When combined with passive design techniques we can maximize the value of unconventional building material and co-exist in a creative way that is mutually beneficial for both the earth and the end user.

Our Services


Also referred to as the "master builder" approach this highly efficient and cost-effective project delivery system relies on a single entity (Reviro Designs) to complete all phases of construction and oversee designs services, management, etc. This helps to minimize risks for the owner and reduce the time it takes too complete a project by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

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Modular Pallet Sheds

What is a modular pallet shed? Made from mostly natural and recycled materials, our line of sheds have multiple uses, sizes and configurations. Quick and easy to assemble with designs for every climate, these passive structures are intended to perform independently, without the need for conventional grid hookups which helps us to better co-exist with the earth by redefining the shelter in which we live, work and play. 

Whether it be for one of our projects or as a separate service, Reviro Designs can provide almost all the necessary documents and information needed to start and finish any job.


-Construction Documents                                             

-Building Codes/Permits                                                

-Project Management                                                   


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Custom Furniture

Looking for creative and functional furniture? At Reviro Designs there are no limits or boundaries to what we can create using reclaimed materials as well as quality, locally sourced wood. Each piece is hand-crafted and can be customized to suit an individual's needs.


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Art Commission

Let your imagination run wild by commissioning an art piece inspired by natural and recycled materials. Although we consider all of our projects to be a work of art, that doesn't stop us from  wanting to drift out of our comfort zone to create the art of your own design.

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Architect Services

-3D Rendering

-Site Surveys



Looking to convert or adapt an existing space into something more functional? Maybe various repairs are needed on a property before and after a project is completed? At Reviro Designs, our creative and knowledgeable craftsmen are ready to take on any job that you may have and collaborate with our clients to ensure quality work.

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We provide design and installation of landscaping and hardscaping for both residential and commercial clients. Want to add beauty and value to your home or property? From small gardens or walkways, to larger installations such as patios, retaining walls and firepits, Reviro designs can help you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of your dreams.

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Junk Removal

If you need it gone, Reviro Designs has got you covered. From residential to commercial customers, we'll haul away almost everything except hazardous waste. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will re-purpose most of the junk we remove, and anything left over will either be donated or properly disposed of.

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New and Upcoming

We are working hard to expand Reviro Designs,
please check back later for events, opportunities and new material.


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